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Some of the things I have seen along the river.
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Even spiders have bad days! Birds nest! Golden Silk spider/Nephila clavipes.

A banded Wooping Crane close to home!

Can you imagine being a pole barge operator?

Armered Catfish or plecostomus have been introduced and they are tasty!

Yellow Rat snake in Needle leaf Wild Pine in bloom.

Happiness is a warm spot on a log!

My boat -The Anhinga Spirit

American Bittern

All a board!

Immature White Ibis

Peek a Boo! Reticulated non poisonous brown water snake

Climbing Asters - In bloom and ready to spread seeds.

Whats up Doc?

Prothonotary warbler

Look who's watching!

My very first kayak trip! I am still upright this far from the shore. I have never turned over and it feels amazingly stable!

White Pelicans in Florida. There were hundreds of them on this day.


Passengers view.

A beautiful day for the birds. Lots of Great Egrets.

Laughing Anhinga- female

Great Egret browsing for lunch.

The Sentry

Anhinga dripping wet just out of the water.

Large hollow cypress with guardian gnome!?

Scrub Jay

Snake Bird in action!

Whats the past word buddy?

IDouble -crested Cormorant

Newly hatched soft shell turtle in my Mom yard.