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I just started this collection so slowly under construction...
Place a summary of the images here.

Pig Frog lunch.

Cardinal Flowers in the bright sun.

What a surprise to most boaters not aware that they made need to volunteer to operate at a safe speed for all species on the narrow river!

Just a little green around the "gills"

American bitterns love snakes!

Big eyes!

Springs of the Ocklawaha during draw down. Cannon Sprgs.

Cracker Landing spring.

Birds we sorely miss on our property. How many times they spooked my horse!

Yeah I am the one with the happy face and my beautiful Mom is showing the high water mark from Hurricane Donna! The last natural flood before Rodman Dam.

My older sister,little sister and soon to be brother in law walking the banks.

Brown bat. These sweetie's moved in Mom's so called decorative never move in here bat house on her house! Wow we were glad when they decided to move on. Noisey and smelly was the complaint!

Crusher Crawler! The maching that stomped my swamp and river to death! It is a big water tank designed to push trees down and crush them into the mud.

Norka's fish camp. Screen room.

Swallow Tail Kites live and nest here! A Pine Beetle invasion along the barge canal to our East made them relocate into our back yard.

Log Landing/Browning Creek. All gone for me! Someone needed a boondoggle of a barge canal!

I have been fishing since I was 3 on the river. This is my Nana!

Yum. I like the native lizards best!

Mom's yard ornaments!

Cannon Springs only when Rodman is drained can you see and enjoy this jewel!

Saturday night bath!

This big girl loves to lay her eggs in Mom's drive. Nice soft shell!

Nice Fox Squirrel.

Snipe hunting!

And yes we love these critters in our yard! Bears love them also.

Turkey vulture with target arrow. Nice shot for a poor sportman! This bird flys over us daily and perches in a dead pine near Mom's. So far we have watched this bird for 3 years.

This would not be my first choice for a meal!

Brown Thrasher

Hermit Thrush

Stripers at Silver Glen. No longer able to reproduce in the Ocklawaha River due to Rodman Dam. Another lost species in the Ocklawaha and Silver Springs.