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These are some of my better photos which I credit to my Kodak 6490 digital camera. Thanks Mom!

This was exciting to find a Whooping Crane so close to my area. Fort McCoy, FL

The unexpected is the best fun!
Waking up a Yellow Crowned Night Heron!
This is one of my favorite images

This is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron with chick. Way cute.

This is one of my favorite bird! The Anhinga. The only bird native to Florida to swim under water to spear fish.
This is one of my favorite trees. Old hollow cypress.
There are several of these cypress trees still standing. Most are hollow and have the tops missing.
I caught two of these beauties - 15"
InnocentSome one talked me into going speck fishingTongue out
This is one of my favorite images
SealedHe just jumped into his hands for a picture!