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Most of the time I am not alone when I kayak even if other people don't go with me into The Swamp!
I like to be a true observer when I paddle. It takes practice and mostly respect for your surroundings. If the critters would just get use to me pointing my camera at them it sure would be easier. Too many times I feel like I am perceived by them as a stalker out to kill! Wait come back and smile for the camera!

I love being in my kayak and fishing in some of the remote creeks off the Ocklawaha!
The best days are when you get to fish, swim and take photos. Of course catching fish and photos that turn out good make the day even better!

This is the look I get from a Double Crested Cormorant!
This is what I mean about respect! All of our rivers should be given this much respect! If you think you have to go fast then you are in the wrong place!
Dragonflies are awesome! Neat colors and transparent wings.
Whats up duck?
Hey he is logged on!
Stretching feels so good
Orange Creek.
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Now thats a Live Oak!
Nice Cedar.
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different travels. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.
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Did I forget my pants?
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